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  • Who are we?
    Inbob for Industry, Trade and Contracting was established in 1989, specializing in comprehensive tubing solutions for water, sewage and gas. Since its inception, Inbob focused on high-quality products, as Inbob was the first to introduce German-made PPR materials to the Kingdom, and provided many important solutions in the field of installations through importing the latest products and manufacturing them according to the highest specifications to lead tubing in the region.
  • What do we offer?
    Inbob offers several products in the field of installations for water, sewage and gas tubes, solutions and their parts. Inbob has adopted most of the modern products in the field of tubing, such as polypropylene water pipes, soundproof and safe polypropylene drainage systems for suspended installations and flexible gas installations made of stainless steel. In addition, rainwater and ground drains.
  • Value Added !
    At Inbob, we always make sure that the products offered are the best in the region or in the world, through our old relationship with most of the manufacturers around the world from China, India, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Serbia, in addition to the local industry. 
  • Our goals ..
    Providing the best products at the best prices. Activate everything new in the world of plumbing in the right way. To continue Leading Tubing.




Inbob Establishment

After working in sanitary world from 1970, and having the same systems for water in Saudi Arabia for long time the founders started to look for new innovation water layout systems and brought the PPR to Saudi markets making Inbob the 1st establishment to provide such a product in the markets.
Working as supplier and contractor just to support and change the market mentality for plastic piping's.



German made PPR

In 1993 Inbob brought the German made PPR making Inbob the 1st provider for German made PPR in the market.




At Inbob and from the contracting field experience we started to provide solutions such as the two pieces roof rain drainage from cast aluminum, and floor drains from stainless steel with backflow odor preventer.



BT - BauTechnik PVC fittings

In 2003 Inbob started importing PVC fittings from Germany after studying the market and seeing that there were only low end quality products in this field.




After being an Expert House in tubing field Inbob imported the CSST from Germany after fining that its the safest easiest and most efficient gas system in the world, making Inbob the 1st Saudi expert house to provide such a product in the market.




In 2006 Inbob started studying the ability to produce PPR pipes and fittings with German design and specifications, after visiting all of PPR manufacturers in Germany and being an agent for one of the most famous germen name in the field for over 25 years.
Inbob started production under QA Therm name providing high end PPR pipes and fittings with germen standards.



Backwater valve

in 2011 Inbob started to search for the best Backwater valve in the market to use at Inbob projects which reached to non, what made Inbob start to import it from KESSEL Germany.
For the last 10 years it was No. 1 item in Saudi markets.




2015 was last year for Inbob as contractor which was a choice after seeing that the market has grown and contractors now can fully work with our materials as Inbob intended.
We saw the need for a silent drainage system and after searching an using this product for long time with many project Inbob now have the full understanding for it and which is the best for each project.



Global present

In 2017 and after fruitful year from Saudi Vision 2030 Inbob started to make global present by exporting there materials worldwide.



Inbob Vision 2025

In 2020 following the founders vision the 2nd generation started to make a 5 years vision to able them to be the one place you need to visit to find all innovating tubing solution, and to have all lines SAUDI MADE from PPR, PP-RCT, uPVC, PVC, PE, PP Silent and CSST.

at Inbob we are always looking to the future aiming for the highest end products!

Inbob for Trading and Industrials

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