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Inbob is a plumbing company formed in the year 1989, with a primary focus on providing the latest solutions and best methods in thermal plumbing, advanced plumbing techniques and electromechanical techniques.

Inbob serves retail, private and corporate customers. We offer a comprehensive and complete range of high quality standard products, services and certifications. We have a wide range of selective products from the largest and finest manufacturers in Europe and around the world, They are our partners in success to become one of the largest expertise houses in our fields.

Inbob has set its goal in developing capabilities and segmentation to suit the local market in all possible ways.

Leading Tubing ..

Products Lines

PPR / PPR-CT / PE pipes and fittings

uPVC / PVC / Silent PP pipes and fittings

CSST pipes, brass fittings and valves

Rain Drains, Floor Drains and other solutions

Success Partners

Success partners since 1989 from all over the world 


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Inbob for Trading and Industrials

Leading Tubing ..

Since 1989 ..

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