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QA been supplying the electromechanical field for over three decades.
Surrounded by a team of plastic experts, with experience since 1989 in plastics; investing in top-notch technology, and sourcing superior materials from the world's best manufacturers; determined to deliver nothing less than excellent quality to our valuable customers.
Hereby we started QATherm to be our first not last industrial investment having in mind all gained expertise.
QATherm has a wide range of items from PPRC pipes and fittings sourcing superior pure raw materials from the world's best suppliers; using high-end machineries and quality technics to reach the product that we are proud of.

Specifications and advantages:
- Made in Saudi Arabia with German specifications.
- High temperatures and high-pressure tolerances.
- Ease of installation.
- No need for maintenance.
- Against rust, calcification and sedimentation.
- It does not interact with water.
- Withstands salts, acids and alkalis with chemical resistance.
- One type for cold and hot water lines.
- 15 years guarantee for the entire pipeline network products.

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